Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Zoella sweet sensations - my two pence worth

Zoella bath crystals, fizz bar and bath latte - all purchased from superdrug
Team internet have really stepped up their game this year, the products being released just keep getting bigger and better. When I saw Zoë release the Sweet Sensations range on her channel I knew I had to purchase it, I was swept away immediately by the packaging, inspiration and the new scent promise. I brought these the day they were released on Superdrug's website, I only purchased the bits I knew I'd use the most. I was most intrigued by the bath salts as I haven't used any before and the packaging is beautiful, as soon as I took the lid of these I was so pleasantly surprised by the scent. I feel like this is the most mature of all of Zoë's collections to date and this scent is sweet and subtle - I'm not going to even attempt to describe it fully who can describe scents? not me  the amount of detail in these products really makes them worth while for me. The quality given the price point makes them a great purchase. I'm much happier with the bubble bar this time round too, as my previous ones failed to create bubbles for me this one was much better at that. My favourite from all of these is for sure the bath latte from the packaging to the product itself it really is perfection. I love how versatile this is, bath or shower ready and the packaging is perfect for displays.  The consistency is creamy and nourishing and not too heavy for the summer months, I'll definitely be repurchasing this bad boy. All in all I've been really impressed with this range!

Did you pick anything up from the Sweet sensations range?

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  1. Wow, the Zoella range has come a long way. Not that it was bad before, but in terms of packaging I wouldn't have bought the first scents because they seemed to be for a younger age range. These new ones are gorgeous! I'd definitely get some products. x