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The battle of the matte liquid lip - budget to high end

The NYX long doe foot applicators
L-R Makeup revolution, apocalips, NYX lingerie, Gerard cosmetics, NYX liquid suede 

Liquid matte lipsticks have easily been one of the biggest beauty trends this year and last, and with such a vast array becoming steadily available on the market its quite daunting to know whats worth the pennies and whats worth a splurge, I've fell head over heels in liquid lips and I've grown quite the collection from budget drugstore brands, to imported, to hard to get ones. I've had so many questions about which are worth the money and which are easy to get hold of I thought I'd compile them into a bit of a guide for you.
Price wise going from lowest to highest we have:

Make-up revolution velvet lips in 'velvet black heart' £3 
Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in 'atomic rose' £6.49
NYX lingerie liquid lip in 'push up' £6.50
NYX liquid suede in 'soft spoken' £6.50
Gerard cosmetics hydra matte lip in 'invasion' £9.50
Colourpop ultra matte lip in 'beeper' £ various I get mine via depop
Lime crime velvetines in 'riot' £15.06 (plus shipping)
Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in 'androgyny' £14.00 (best UK site to get these from)
Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in  'bow n arrow' £ various I get mine via depop
Kylie Jenner matte lip kit in 'exposed' £21.85 (plus UK shipping and customs)

I have a good selection of other shades from some of these brands also, I'm always sure to test a few of the forumlas before reviewing for you guys.

Make up revolution velvet lips - The cheapest offering I have in my collection, this is an inky purple colour which will probably be best suited to the autumn / winter months for me, I'm not sold on the packaging its very gothic compared to other brands offerings. Formula wise its quite wet and mousey, the applicator is fine and makes applying easy, however this does tend to bleed on my lips without liner, but for the price if you wait a good couple of minutes for it to dry you can achieve a matte finish

Rimmel apocalips - The first liquid lipstick I ever brought, probably the easiest to find in the UK in my opinion. I adore the packaging of this one, and the formula isn't wet atall, a nice mousse consistency, it is comfortable on the lips however I find it starts going chalky when eating and drinking. A big plus to this one is the applicator I really love this its a doe foot with a semi hole in the middle and it really glides on the lips. Much like the revolution offering this liquid lip also takes a long time to dry. It also has one of the strongest smells out of all my collection so if you aren't a fan of strong vanilliary scents, stay clear of this one. These aren't a complete matte finish I think the velvet name is a perfection description for the finish. A great one to reach for if you are unsure about matte lips.

NYX Lingerie - Now that NYX is available on Boots online, I snapped up a selection of these and was so stoked for them to arrive. I have to say I was quite disappointed with these, despite researching the shades before I purchased I found the majority of these shades really hard to wear, these really are foundation toned style liquid lips, don't get me wrong the creamy mousse consistency is one of the best budget liquid lips available but shade selection wise I just wasn't blown away. Similar to the apocalips, this is much more of a velvet finish than a completely matte one. NYX also have the longest doe foot applicator I've seen and I just found it inconvenient making the product harder to apply. I adore the names and the packaging of these products. Unless you have the right skin tone for these and pearly white teeth I'd not rush to get these.

NYX Liquid suede - Of all the budget brands this velvet style liquid lip won me over the most, I have these beauties in 'soft spoke' and 'sand storm' they wear really well and have an amazing colour pay off, there is also some much brighter offerings in this style if you are more of a bold lip girl. Comfortable on the lips with chic packaging? Liquid suede is a real all rounder.

Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte - One of the most underrated brands in my opinion, I was recommended trying Gerard by a friend of mine who shares the same obsession for the Jeffree Star liquid lips as I do (Hi Hayley if you are reading) I'm always blown away when I pick this up and use it again and it reminds me that I need to purchase more of these, a wetter formula then the previous products described, but a quicker drying time and wow the lasting power? crazy. I can wear one coat of this for a whole night out without it shifting, I've even woken up in this whoops. Even when wearing down this doesn't chalk or go patchy. The colour selection has plenty of 'my lips but better' shades and at a mid range price these really are fab.

Colour pop ultra matte lip - Colour pop ultra mattes are the latest addition to my collection, I have Beeper and Bianca. These are fast becoming my favourite and I've been reaching for these over my kylie lipkits recently. These go on really wet but dry so quickly, these also wear down really nicely, no patches in sight. My only complaints are a. you can't get these in the UK at the moment unless you risk depop or eBay (mine are from Depop brand new with POP) b. the holographic writing on the tube rubs off really quickly and c. if you re apply they become very messy and clumpy - but other than that I can't wait to expand my collection of these.

Lime crime velevetines - Another American brand, lime crime was the second brand I reached to for a matte lip. These have such a strong vanilla scent, it almost puts me off, they also have the smallest tube of product and smallest applicator. Despite the amazing shade range, this still bleeds off my lips and takes such a long time to dry, and even when it does I still find I get smudges and patches. Not one of my favourites.

Jeffree Star liquid lip - My second biggest collection of liquid lips, I actually wrote a separate post about these beauties. These are becoming much more popular now, with an amazing nude selection and a crazy bright colour selection on the other end of the spectrum. The formula is perfect and dries quickly, wear time is crazy long and I always get compliments wearing these. I only wish some of the darker shades (I'm looking at you unicorn blood) came with a lipliner, I hope Jeffree does bring out some lip liners - because I'd be sold!

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip - Another new edition to my collection, Kat von d is quite hard to get in the UK, again I got mine on Depop new with POP, no overwhelming scent and a nice long applicator makes this a very sleek product indeed. I was surprised how quickly this dried and how long it lasted on the lips, I've had this around two weeks and I can't wait to get my hands on more.

Kylie Lip kits - Last but not the least the very coveted Kylie lipkits, are they worth the hype? in one word - yes. I eventually caved into buying one of these and it was true love at first use, a dreamy vanilla scent, the added bonus of a lip liner to cheat that trademark Jenner pout, long lasting formula and a nude for everyone. I have 8 of these beauties and they are by far my most used lip product right now, my only wish was that UK customers didn't get hit so hard with customs for these! but they are without my number one liquid lip, and with Kylie's website getting better and better its easier to get these now than ever - stay tuned for a post dedicated solely to these.

What's you're favourite liquid lip?


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