Friday, 2 March 2012

Purchases and news!

Today I popped into town to buy a work shirt for my first shift tonight! I'm working in a bar in Southampton and I'm really looking forward to it - anyway! - Primark in Southampton has totally re-vamped into there s/s '12 collection and it is AMAZING in there at the moment! I could not resist this cute denim dress - perfect for summer months teamed with sandals and sunglasses or for months leading up too with thick tights and pumps. I also picked up this Mcqueen esque scarf for just £3!

I also brought a glass tumbler for my make-up brushes as I was sick of routing around my make-up bag for them and my MAC brushes were picking up eyebrow pencil shavings! - excuse the state of my brushes they are due a clean! but this gives you an idea of what my make-up space looks like right now! The little brown bag IS real and was a present from my friend Joe when he went to New York ..

I also have some exciting news, as of tomorrow I am going to be adding a weekly post to my blog - I'm not going to post tonight what I'm doing as I'm quite excited about my idea and I'd like to keep it to myself, what i will say is I think it will be entertaining for my readers and links in well to the course I am doing at uni, so keep your eyes peeled!

What have you brought recently?


  1. I love my bargain skull scarf! Really cute dress :) xxx

  2. my makeup brushes got destroyed from keeping them in my makeup bag!! since then i always keep them in a pot and put a cap on them for when im taking them out my house!! xx