Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tangerine Tigers.

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Top - £16.00, Republic
Denim Jacket - £3.00 Charity Shop (Gap)
Peace ear cuff - £6.50, Topshop
Cuff bracelet - Gift
Maxi Skirt - £14.99 Newlook
Sandals - £6.00 Primark

I got quite a few compliments on this outfit from customers at work today, which was lovely - its always nice to be complimented on something you threw together! So I thought I'd share this with you after a long ten and a half hour shift! I also popped into Hollister on my lunch break and couldn't resist these body sprays for £12 each or 3 for £24 - Your'll probably think I'm mad spending that on body sprays but they last like a perfume and the scents are AMAZING. Also ; just to let you know - Republic have a MASSIVE sale on right now and theres some really REALLY nice stock in it - with up to 50% off some of it! Brands like Glamorous, Miso etc are my faves - and you can pick up some beautiful party dresses for a fraction of the price which are still very much in fashion! Seriously worth checking out.

How is your week going?


  1. love the top pasha :)


  2. You look beautiful with that skirt!

  3. That is a lovely skirt - all my maxi's are dark colours, i need a bright coloured one and this one's lovely! x

  4. I absolutely love the Hollisters body sprays! I always get compliments! Why are they so damn expensive tho!! xx

  5. That top is fabulous! I've not seen it in my local Republic - time to look online!



  6. you look wicked. love the top x