Sunday, 10 June 2012

A week in photographs


Fresh beginnings with my boy - a promise ring! (: · About as patriotic as I got · myself and the boy · new Topshop lace socks and the tattoo for my dad · still eating like a child · the process of ombre nails! · finished obre nails · FINALLY had my haircut · coral nails · back home being squished in Aimee's car · more Topshop lace socks! · myself and the girls before a night out on the town! baby pops courtesy of Jess's mum

So this week has consisted of changing my nails ALOT, I've finally grew them so I'm feeling a lot more experimental, got to see my boyfriend and some of my best friends also. Apart from being ill mid week and being taken in and out of hospital - nothing out of the norm anymore - its been good! Thanks to Lily @ LLYMRS for showing me where the tool was to make Instagram posts! Expect more of these in the future now.

Have you had a good week?


  1. I really want that skull necklace you're wearing!

    1. Thankyou! its from Topshop and was fairly cheap if I remember rightly! alot of people have them now! you should grab one :) x