Thursday, 31 January 2013

MAC Year of the snake: 'Cockney' lipstick

Say hello to THE BEST red lipstick of all time!!
I was going to schedule this post but I could not contain my excitement. 3 lustre finish lipsticks were released within the year of the snake collection, the other two shades didn't catch my eye and I'd been waiting a while to purchase a red lipstick and with the beautiful embossed stick it was impossible to say no. So when I opened cockney I expected a 'bricky' red because of the name, don't ask me why! - in general I wasn't expecting anything special. WRONG. This is my first lustre finish lipstick from MAC and I'm over the moon with the results, the same creaminess as a cremesheen with that extra pigmentation. Cockney itself is described as 'Sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl' which I know will put most people off, however the pearl puts this lipstick just that bit above the rest, on the lips cockney shows up with minimal glitter, a bit of added sparkle and a super deep, sophisticated colour, the yellow tone also keeps your teeth looking as white as possible! I'm always a fan of a yellow toned red because of this! I've worn it all today and LOVED IT. and I'm pretty sure its going to be making some appearances in nights out too! The moral of this story is don't let a pearl finish put you off - this is a beautiful lipstick grab it while you can!

Have you brought anything from the MAC year of the snake collection?


  1. This is so so pretty, I love the detailing!

    SimplyAbbi xx

  2. I saw a picture of these today! The engraving on the lipsticks from this collection is GORGEOUS x