Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Life changing product alert : Laura Mercier silk creme foundation 'cream ivory'

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in 'Cream Ivory' - £34
If you are a part of the blogsphere you will know about this product, if you aren't? I'm about to blow your mind. Bare this in mind - I am pale, I like heavy coverage, consistency I'm dead between wanting dewey and matte ... and in walks the foundation of my dreams? Hellloooo Laura Mercier. Again, another brand I haven't tinkered with before. I'm usually an avid NC15 mac girl or a double wear Estee Lauder fan, but with the slight oxidising of mac and the ghost face double wear produces I've been searching for a new high end, kind to my skin, king of kings products. I've been purging off expensive products for a while, I've been using Loreal true match, but if I'm honest the oiliness and break outs I get from any highstreet foundation, I think its time to accept that my skin is a snob. I'd read so many reviews on this foundation but I was'nt sure that they would do a shade pale enough for me. I ventured in to Bluewater and got myself a tester, and two weeks on? I've still got the tiny tester I left with, the amount you need to average full coverage is minuscule! I have also never received so many compliments on my skin. I've also noticed that my complexion is looking ALOT better in photos. The smell is often commented on, which does smell slightly paint like to me, but for such a full coverage foundation I do expect it, as its what double wear also was scented with. I've had 9 hours working in this foundation without needing to top up on powder and my skin has - touch wood - not broken out. I would advise grabbing a tester of this, as to date it is the most expensive foundation I've brought, but for the teeny amount I need to apply and the results I'm getting - I'd highly recommend this. It was one of those products that when I applied it to my face I literally wanted to thank someone personally for it.
Grab yourself one of these girls, you won't regret it.


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