Monday, 8 December 2014

Maybelline colour drama : 'in with coral'

Maybelline colour drama - 'in with coral' - £4.99

I know I know, fire away with another new lip product ... I am obsessed. Maybelline isn't a brand I shop often, not for any particular reason, just because I've always stayed true to the regular brands I've loved always. However I took a trip to Bluewater with Aimee last week and I saw the colour of this pencil and picked it up on a whim. I've always had a thing for packaging - and the product being in a pencil intrigued me. I've only ever tried the Topshop lip crayons, and I didn't enjoy them atall. However this pencil for just £4.99 is a complete steal. This coral shade is a really good colour for a paler skin tone as I often find light coral colours wash me out or make my teeth look yellow. Maybelline describe it as a velvet lip pencil, and I whole heatedly agree with that statement, the pencil isn't dry and the pigmentation is incredible. My only negative points on this product are that its a little small, I'd love a larger size of this and I do worry how I'm going to sharpen it! You also need to be super careful not loosing the product when you put the lid on as it is a creamy product that does get damaged easily. I'm really enjoying this pencil and I'm looking forward to grabbing a few more in Boots ASAP!


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  1. That lip pencil just looks so pretty, such a lovely colour x