Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Places to visit : Ebb & Flow Southampton

-Above image not my own

It's not often that I review places on itsfashionoclock, so when I do you best believe I've found a jem. I'm currently back in my university town of Southampton, and last night I went out with my friend Luke for a catch up, he took me to my new favourite place : Ebb & Flow. Completely new, Ebb & Flow is a cafe / bar on the highstreet in Southampton. From outside the tiled signage and windows give the impression of just another bar or cafe in Southampton. However, upon entering I was quieter literally speechless. If you have a tendency toward anything shabby chic and abit kitsch Ebb & Flow will be a dream come true. We visited in late evening and the atmosphere of the place was really relaxing. There was a mixture of customers, no rowdy students to be seen! mostly couples or friends enjoying cocktails. The bar is literally fit to burst with detail and I could'nt stop looking around and discovering new pieces of art and decor. The drinks menu is broad and boasts of both soft and alcoholic drinks I have never heard of. The prices were pretty spot on with the rest of the city - I paid £7.95 for a cocktail if I am not mistaken. I was also tempted to try the pear lemonade. Food menu wise Ebb and Flow offers a range of light snacks, breakfasts and tapas style dishes for quick wins when your tired from a busy day of shopping. I had a toasted brie sandwich which was incredible - and even better? my side of chips was served in a tea cup! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and elegance of Ebb & Flow and I hope Marstens consider making more as I really think this could be a hit, 
- a must visit if you are in or around Southampton!

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