Friday, 17 August 2012

10 day you challenge

Seeing as I am at home at the moment and have no access to photo editing software, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and join in with the 10 day challenge :)

10 Secrets

001. I am a manic depressive. Which means I have manic highs and lows. When I'm low I either eat alot or shop.

002. During middle school I was often taunted with the names 'scream' 'horse' and other long face related names. It wasn't until I cut my hair off and got my braces off I became less bullied.

003. I have done underwear modelling, and I am signed to a small agency in Kent, something I will never be ashamed of because it has gave me SO much confidence in myself.

004. I have been in abusive and controlling relationships. I have had people change me into a former shadow of myself, Without the help of my mum and the police. I'm not sure what would have happend.

005. I miss a period? I prey I'm pregnant - Theres nothing I want more than children.

006. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which gives me a vast amount of facial hair, heavy periods, complications.. It also means I may be subject to miscarriages and a hard time trying to conceive.

007. I wanted to study catering and hospitality at college, and wanted to become a pastry chef, but people laughed at me and told me I would have been no good at it.

008. I have a Princess Diana award for my work with peer mentoring in middle school.

009. I LOVE reading, although I worry people will judge me and avoid talking about it

010. I worry I will never be enough for someone - or too much for someone to settle down with.

So there you go, a little further insight into the person I am, What are some of your secrets?


  1. You're beautiful, don't you ever worry about that my love xo xo

  2. You're gorgeous and the avoiding about the reading thing? That must be awful! :c I'm an avid reader myself and whenever I find a new book/finish one I just have to tell literally everyone. Lovely blog by the way, new follower :)
    Elle - xo