Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A week and two days in photos..

One of many puppies @ Luke's family BBQ · Me & Luke in the sunshine · nice new bunting in my bedroom :) · healthy dinner · chocolate cream frap' · lepoard print nails · drinks after work with the girls · NEW tattoo !! :D · coaches home again · me & the boy @ pre drinks for shannons birthday · me and the boy booked our holiday! countdown till Greece · the boy and my brother bonding on the way to Stratford · my brother and I · first time trying macaroons! · Cheeky photo with our smoothies in Westfields · Milkshakes @ Dean's American diner.

Sorry this post is late! I've been travelling and missing coaches and visiting Westfields shopping centre in Stratford with my brother and my boy, despite not going in the Olympic park just being so close to it was fantastic - you could really soak up the atmosphere! I'm travelling back to Southampton today where a lonely house awaits me - not good. I'll be back to Kent for 2 weeks in 7 days though and as you can see I have FINALLY booked a holiday with my boyfriend to Greece! SO excited.
How have your weeks been!


  1. Aah puppy how cute!
    Love the new tattoo too :)

  2. looks like you had a nice week :) cute nails and nice tattoo xx