Tuesday, 21 August 2012

#9 10 day you challenge

9 Loves

001. My mother. My mum is my absolute rock, raised me without help and installed morals in me that wil guide me through my life. There have been times where I don't think I would have got through without her love and support. She is like a best friend to me and I feel I can talk to her about anything.

002. Being appreciated. Weather its being thanked for help or doing something, getting a smile of appreciation or praise. I LOVE it when people aren't afraid to show their gratitude.

003. Earning money / paying my way. I'd hate to be dependent on my parents or anyone else. I like earning my own money and saving for things and working my way from the bottom to the top. Not being given everything on a plate gives me a bigger appreciation for money and a drive to work for it.

004. Being loved. Is there anyone who simply doesn't love to be loved by another human being.

005. Eminem. Words can't even describe.

006. Coldplay. One of my dads favorite bands - a band that creates timeless classics. 

007. Tattoos. I like knowing every one of my tattoos is meaningful and makes my body 100% unique!

008. Spiritualists / Spiritualist Churches. Everyone has different beliefs but when you get told something real you will know it. I think its amazing that I can go somewhere and hopefully eventually get in touch with my dad, grandfather and friend Jamie one day. It restores peace in my mind and gives me hope.

008. Apple & Blackcurrant Robinsons. If you know me, you will know my pure addiction with the stuff. A bottle a week atleast. I'll take it over fizzy or water any day.

What are your loves in your life?

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