Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Expensive taste in timepieces...

When I was younger I never really understood the fascination with having a nice watch, it probably had something to do with me not being able to tell the time for an overly long amount of time – I have dyscalculia – but as I’ve got older I’ve began to notice the appeal of a nice looking watch more and more, a permanent classy accessory and of course with a use as appose to a bracelet just there for show. I remember the big trend of toy watches and I brought my ex boyfriend one; however they never really appealed to me. My friend Jade introduced me to Michael Kors watches a while ago and they’ve grown more and more on me ever since, it’s strange how when browsing through watches you find such similar styles by different brands, in this case I’m really attracted to Kors, DKNY and Armani. These don’t have a lot of difference in price, but heres a list of watches I’d be more than happy to be sporting on my wrist! I’ll probably be asking for one of these for Christmas/birthday … hey its better to be prepared right?! I think its clear to see the style I like!..


001 Armarni Exchange @ H Samuel £179.00
002 DKNY Rose gold plated watch @ H Samuel £179.00
003 Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ watch @ House of fraser £199.99
004 Michael Kors ‘Round case watch’ @ House of fraser £219.00
005 DKNY Rose gold bracelet watch @ H Samuel £199.00
006 Michael Kors ‘Round case watch’ @ House of fraser £209.00
007 DKNY Streensmart @ House of fraser £239.00
009 DKNY rose gold bracelet watch @ @ H Samuel £275.00

Do you own any DKNY, Micheal Kors or Armarni exchange watches? What is your opinion on expensive watches? Are they worth it?


  1. Was expecting more 'expense'... They're nice, nonetheless, and expensive, but not as pricey as they could be if you get me!?

  2. I've got a pink Michael Kors watch - love it! I love number 9.
    Claudia xxx

  3. I wish I owned one! I have two watches one was £30 from Casio and one was £1 from a charity shop and it doesn't work! I love both number 1 and number 5, I think it would be a really good purchase because you'd probably wear it every day for years. Loving your blog by the way!

    Lucy Loves To Blog