Thursday, 5 April 2012

Highstreet Dupes!

When shopping, as most of you do, I often find highstreet dupes of items and cannot believe my luck in the price difference between a slightly more 'up class' high street brand as appose to the smaller ones. Up until today I never really thought alot of it, and the bargains I've discovered today I thought I'd share - as I know I'll be picking up both these dupes no doubt! Its amazing how one retailer can sell practically the same item for a MUCH higher price!


How crazy is this?
My friend Aimee and I lusted after this River Island shirt for months but i simply could not part with £32 for it.. whilst having a browse through Select I found practically the same shirt for less than half price!

And then again the same issue with a VERY popular Accessorize bag! Although these are fairly difference the similarities are uncanny and on a student budget - who can afford to be picky over such a gorgeous weekender bag!
Primark bag not available online
Accessorize bags here and here

What are your opinions on highstreet dupes? Do you know of any? I'd love to hear!

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