Thursday, 5 April 2012

Models Own : Ibiza Mix

Models Own is a well known and respected nail polish retailer. This particular range by Hedkandi bursts of vibrant summer colours guaranteed to brighten up the dullest finger nails. This particular varnish is called ‘Ibiza Mix’ and is easily comparable to O.P.I’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ that so many people in the blogsphere lusted after – this in my opinion is just as good. Its not actually available online right now (models own or boots) but is starting to go into stores gradually – mine is from Boots in Southampton and cost £5, however if you do like this nail varnish I would suggest getting it sharpish as Boots is doing a 3 for 2 offer on a lot of products right now and this is included so you can snap it up as part of bargain!. These pictures don’t really do it justice - It is made up of fairly large flecks of pinks, greens, golds and blues glitter in a clear varnish making it a perfect over coat to mostly any nail varnish. I found when applying I took an average amount on to the brush put it on my nail centrally and then moved it around (up and down) with the brush to get an even and thicker coverage. My only complaints about this product is the extremely strong smell – not sure if it’s just me – it just seems a lot stronger than normal nail varnishes I own, and also as ever I do dislike the bulkiness of the Models Own brush applicator as I only have little hands! Still it’s still a very impressive product and a near match to O.P.I and it will be making an appearance over my hands and feet this summer, I have covered Ibiza mix over Barry M’s ‘Pale Blue’ here and started and finished with a coat of Sally Hansen – No More Breaks . A 10/10 product for me!


What do you think of the new Hedkandi products by Models Own? Do you own any? Will you be buying any?

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