Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Optical Express : Laser Eye Surgery

I am one of the thousands and thousands of lucky people who areblessed with good eyesight. However alot of my family and close friends do wearglasses. I've lost count of the amount of times my Nan in particular hasmisplaced her glasses or got fed up with having to change from reading glassesto regular. And I've sat with Luke in the opticians while he pours over whichglasses to buy that will suit him and his style and how much is he willing topay for the latest and best designer pair. While glasses can make an awesomefashion statement - I can imagine they also become a hindrance, however thereare solutions available now that enable individuals to ditch glasses and getthe eyesight they are after.  

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that people in all walks of lifeand all over the world have had done. Infact lots of celebrities have had lasereye surgery – and I bet you never even knew… and if celebrities are braveenough to do it then why not us?! …

Possible benefits of laser eye surgery?
No more risk of losing your or damaging your glasses on a nightout
No more paying hundreds out for the latest designer trend that endswithin months
No more glaring light reflection in your eyes!
One less thing to carry or maintain or worry about
- Not tomention clear and concise eyesight!

And the possible confidence boost you could gain would surely beamazing. For girls we all know what a stress it is getting ready for a night out.The thought of choosing glasses and being able to see properly or taking themoff and having a cloudy view for the night must be beyond irritating sometimes!

Laser eye surgery is one of those procedures that thousands ofpeople only claim good things from. I think it is amazing that it’s possible tofix your eyesight so easily. Consultations are free and you can look to pay ataround £508 per eye – which at first sounds expensive – but it’s a procedurethat will make a permanent difference on your life, think of it as a life timeinvestment.

If you want to read more about Laser Eye surgery from a safe and reliablecompany head over to Optical Express 

Do you know anyone with Laser eye surgery?
Would you consider having it done?

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