Monday, 10 June 2013

We are made from broken parts

Dress - H&M £14.99 (Last year)
Denim Jacket - Thrifted (Originally Gap)
Sandals - Primark £12.99 
Bangles - A selection from Newlook sets
Bag - Paul's Boutique 'Bridget' £70

Did I mention that I am whole heartily in love with these sandals since my lovely godmother came to visit and treated me to them! They literally haven't left my feet since. This dress was a total bargain last year, my manager brought it and when she brought it I knew I needed to follow suit! I'd actually been saving it for a wedding/christening/other fancy event but none of those have happened so I decided to dress it down with my charity shop bargain denim jacket :) I was doing so well with posts and then I started 7 day weeks! I'm now working two jobs, at Republic and more recently Debenhams! 

Wish me luck!
Have a lovely week 


  1. That dress looks incredible on you Pasha, it's so so pretty! xxx