Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lichenstein would be proud

Pop art crop top - £3 Primark
Blue midi skirt - £5 Primark
Tredz Wooden t-bar heels - £5 Tredz Sale (Sold out)

Luke and I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot about them! Probably the cheapest full going out outfit I own right now, £13 for the lot isn't bad is it! Thanks to Islay for pointing these barginous shoes out! I love this crop top, all of them are different because of how the fabrics been cut! I had to sift through a few to get a decent print on mine! Now all I need is some money and a social life to wear this out!

What Primark bargains have you found recently?


  1. You look amazing Pasha! That crop top is awesome and looks gorgeous on you! It looks great with your skirt too! xxx

  2. love your shoes :D and you look awesome!

  3. The shoes!

    I had a bit of a moment in Primark the other day and got a Micky Mouse long sleeved crop top. I think it's a beaut.