Thursday, 13 June 2013

The weekly want #002

- This is influenced by you Islay! 

I've got right back into wishlists again, seeing as my bank account is firmly on zero and my mental shopping basket is bursting to the brim. I think this Wellington watch is going to remain on here until I get one, along with a white DKNY one, I've become quite the covert for expensive watches as of late. I'm also loving printed camis right now, so cute! I'm hating on Islay for showcasing this watermelon one on her blog last week, now I'm desperate to own it, and as for cosmetics, what don't I want right now, The laguna and deep throat duo was pure genius, at £30, I can't even dream of purchasing this. Hurry up December and my 21st birthday!


  1. Love this wishlist! I wish my local topshop sold make-up, the lip butter looks lush!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

    1. Oh my gosh you poor thing! I love the Topshop makeup range! I'd die if it wasnt in my local! maybe search some blog sales? :) xxx

  2. The Daniel Wellington watches are gorgeous! I really want to get my hands on a couple of the new Topshop lip bullets too. xo

  3. I need to get myself some camis, I especially like the daisy one! :)
    I really love the Daniel Wellington watches too!

  4. I love the colour of that nail polish, its so dainty and pretty :)