Friday, 7 June 2013

Benefit : Stay Flawless Primer & Hello Flawless Foundation

*LONG* positive and honest review!
You probably remember me posting about the benefit event a week or two back (read that HERE if you did'nt) the event was to launch Benefit's new product. 'Stay Flawless' is boasted about as a 15 hour pro-long primer. Which works as a magnet between your foundation and your face, promising to keep your makeup looking fresh hour after hour, infact 94% said that their foundation lasted longer. Lets take a look at the product...

Pretty packaging  check. Easy application? check. Sturdy applicator? check. Aesthetically this little bullet of primer ticks all beauty lovers beady eyes. 
The product:
Firstly you may assume that this transfers colour on to your face, You'd be totally wrong, when applied this is a completely colourless product, meaning no orange tones for us paler faces! 
To apply you are supposed to used circular motions to activate the magnetic makeup inside. When first applying the product does feel sticky and you need to be light with this - too much pressure and you can start to see the product caking and building up. 
Claims against reality?:
When I applied the Hello Flawless oxygen wow foundation over the top, I COULD feel the makeup sticking to the primer and locking it in place as promised - I promise! 
Effects on skin?:
I've also noticed since using this primer and foundation my break outs have been next to minimal? crazy right? 
I've used other primers which you squeeze out and apply using fingers - and I do like this applicator, however I'd be dubious to use it if I did have a break out - I don't want to spread the germs around my face!

 I'm not usually one to write such a long review on a product but this really has changed my mind about primers - this adds coverage to my foundation and leaves my skin less spot prone.

- - - - - - - - -

It would only be right to review the Hello Flawless foundation with the primer as they are designed to work together. 

Described as light/medium coverage I was happily surprised.  I'm a high coverage girl, I live by double wear and studio fix - however I'm finding myself reaching for this foundation more than those two now!
 I was matched as 'I'm pure 4 sure' at the benefit one of two of the lightest shades (one with a yellow pigmentation and one with pink) and I've got a really good colour match surprisingly.  Teamed with the primer these two offer a really good coverage and you need only touch up angry blemishes and any extra dark under eye circles. 
I've found as a duo these offer a really nice dewey finish - not greasy, and I don't think this is going to be for you if your after a matte finish. Although saying that I'd previously sworn I'd never embrace a dewy finish but now I'm LOVING it. 
My only complaint is that its very easily transferable, as in if anything touches my face its gonna transfer on to it. 

Benefit has completely changed my makeup routine, I'm currently using their primer, foundation, highlighter AND mascara? I don't think I've ever used so many products from one brand in my daily routine - I shall be posting about this ASAP. I've never been so pleasantly surprised by products, despite these being free products I am being 100% genuine and like you other pale faced girls I am surprised too!

My advice? Grab a bullet of stay flawless due to be released in around 2 weeks now for £24.50 and while your at it .. grab the foundation too. Great products 10/10

Have you used any Benefit products lately?
What do you think of their new primer?

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  1. I got this last night at the launch event and so far i actually like it
    im going to use it more then post on it though