Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Testing Tans : My Top 3

Being a naturally paler than pale girl the summer months fill me with dread. See in the winter, I embrace my casper skin and run with it. But as the days have been a little nicer as of late I've been venturing into dresses without tights *gasp* and skirts with sandals - again no tights allowed. I'm particular conscious of my legs - there pasty white and my skin is mottled - red and white and patchy - not a great look. Now believe me I'm not usually a slave to fake tan but over the last month or so I seem to have accumulated alot of free fake tan, and I thought it'd be rude not to try them all.
All these tans are budget and pale skin friendly! *Horray* and I PROMISE none of these made me look like a wotsit...

The tans in question are..

The Bronze Ambition tan is a bit of legend where I come from. First introduced to me by my good friend Tiff, I brought this on a whim from savers because of the tiny price tag. When squeezing this out of the tube its seriously scary looking a dark dark gel like formula - but don't panic! I applied this with a regular tanning glove in circular motions all over. This ones best for a night out because it does come off in the shower instantly the next day. However it does have a rather strong buscuity smell, but the coverage is good as long as you apply it quick and fast as I do find it to be really fast drying. Over doing this can make you a little orange so bare in mind a little goes a long way. If your looking to try fake tan for the first time or your on a tight budget this is the tan for you.

This was a freebie when I left my work experience at closer, the Sunkissed lotion is a huge amount of product for price and I'd have been stupid not to try this out. The product itself is white?! which threw me off because when applying it before bed I couldn't see where I'd applied and where I needed more, this too has the buscuity smell but has some nicer fruiter tones to it too. Its nice to apply and is easy to sleep in. However there's no smothering this on in the morning for a quick fix as this develops over time. I got nice results in the morning and plenty of compliments at work about this one, I just needed to top up with some bronze ambition and this gave me a really healthy glow. This one also sticks around alot longer and doesn't shift at the first sign of water. A strong contender for gradual tans on the highstreet.

Colour wise and smell wise this is the best tan of the three. The darker than dark shade I was gifted at the blog awards is brown in colour rather than orange toned like the other two. It too is easy to apply with a mit - just like bronze ambition. I really like this tan, its easy to apply but I'm abit put off by the steep price mark for the fully sized one - after all Lauren you are just a towie star after all!. I could be swayed by the quality of this though. If your after a consistent tan I'd go with this. It also might have swayed me to believe that moose is the better formula over gel and lotion!

**I shall get round to uploading some pictures of me before and after tan
 in the next couple of days, but I've let it go patchy this week because I've been too busy!**

What fake tans do you use?


  1. Interesting post! I've always wanted to try the Laurens Way tan.

    My favourite is Fake Bake!

    Sparkles &



  2. I use the medium-dark shade of Garnier's summer body. It's a beaut, except for the same thing you mentioned about not being able to see where you've put it.