Thursday, 15 March 2012

ANOTHER Wishlist!

Another wishlist! Sorry to clog your news feeds up with these, but I don’t have a lot to blog about right now, and I keep finding new ‘must haves’ every day at the moment! Pay day and my loan really CANNOT come quick enough, this post is a mixture of things I will be buying and lustfull I WISH pieces aha! Let me know if you found any of these items or cheaper or what you like! I definitely think I’ll be investing in a lot of leggings! So many nice prints around right now...

Black faux leather dupe JC’s £19.99 here
American print dupe JC’S £35.00 here
Faux leather studded JC’S £26.99 here
MAC cook range lipstick in ‘Dish it up’ £13.95 here
Bow tie detail t-shirt £16.00 here
White shirt with collar detail £28.00 here
American print denim shorts (I WILL own a pair this summer!) £34.00 here
Asymertic dress (I LOVE the zip detail!) £24.99 here
Grey midi dress with cross over detail (Probably the only midi I have seen and liked!) £20.99 here
Pink and white striped leggings (Seeing as I can’t find the River Island jeans like this ANYWHERE) £4.99 here
Versace baroque inspired print leggings £6.99 here

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