Monday, 26 March 2012

OOTD - Beetle Juice

Finally arrived home to find my stripey leggings have arrived (as seen on llymlrs), I got mine from eBay - the quality of these leggings isn't fantastic and you HAVE to wear a long top or your underwear will be showing but they are comfy and stylish and a steal at £4.99. As for my top half I'm wearing 2 of my mums tops(?!), one of her current vests which is big for me so almost looks dress like and a very old mesh/chiffon long sleeve top with blobs of glitter round the collar/chest area - its quite interesting and works well with this outfit I feel, seeing as I left half of my wardrobe in Southampton due to rushing around to get back late on Saturday because I'd been ill and missed my coach! I've also got my paws on 3 MAC lipsticks to review, however 2 of them turned out to be fake - but i'll be doing posts anyway, lesson learned here folks - do your research before buying products of good ol' eBay! ...

Vest - Peacocks £4.99
Chiffon/Net Glitter detail long sleeve - 'Chatters' VINTAGE
Thin stripe leggings - £4.99 eBay here
Black Flatforms - £19.99 h&m here
Black jersey detail leather jacket - Miss Selfridge £49.00 similar one here

Wearing a fake MAC lipstick here, supposed Lady gaga 'London life' ..

Have you embraced the new black and white trend? If so what do you own?

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