Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wishlist: What a girl wants, what a girl needs!

Oh gosh blogspot readers, never have I ever lusted so hard over so many items! These are items I WILL be purchasing over the following paydays.. 1) because I deserve a treat and 2) because so many of these items are versatile and could be teamed with so many different outfits and looks.. I really do need these! damn being a skint student! enjoy!

Black heeled chelsea boots £30.00 here
Sequin denim hotpants £35.00 here
Jeffrey Campbell Litas dupes in turquoise £35.00 here
Black sheer side tail t-shirt £34.00 here
Alice in wonderland cropped top £20.00 here
Rihanna Tank (I've waited SO long for a decent tee of her!!) £22.00 here
Denim zip bralet here
Dolly tee (as seen on Emma) £30.00 here
MAC Cook range lipstick in 'Naughty Sautee' £13.50 here
Striped leggings £4.99 (as seen on Lily) here
Long hem fishtail skirt in black £8.99 here
American Apparel disco pants dupes in black £7.43 here
& Any tripod would do thanks!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm going to just write everyones names down and pull the winners name out of a hat to keep it fair! I lvoe literally everything on this wish list by the way, amazing choices! xx

  2. Perfect wishlist, I love those sqeuin shorts! Amazing x