Wednesday, 25 January 2012

OOTD - Pastel Pink, Operations & Uni lessons.

I've realized that I a) need a tripod after todays trials and tribulations with an outfit post and a large camera - mirror shots do NOT work, so excuse this shabby webcam shot! my flatmate Luke has kindly agreed to take the rest of my OOTD posts so they will be MUCH better quality in the future and b) need a external hard drive as i was severely 'slapped on the wrists' about needing an external hard drive as a photography student - excuse me while i just magically find £100..

Jumper £19.99 H&M
Jeans £19.99 Newlook
Daisy Pendant Necklace £2 Peacocks sale
Black Faux Chelsea Boots £14.99 F&F
Pleather and jersey panelled biker jacket £49.99 Miss Selfridge
Lipstick Barry M in 'Dolly pink' £4.99

Besides my first proper day back at university I finally had my gynecologist appointment today, I've had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) for just over 2 years now and no matter how many times I went to my GP or got rushed into A&E they never seemed to make any progress with my case - thankfully this changed when I came to Southampton. Next Tuesday (the 31st) I'm having a small operation called a 'Diagnostic Laparoscopy' and then a further 'Ovarian drilling' This first part is the surgeon making two incisions in my lower torso, one above my belly button and the over just on my bikini line (goodbye bikini in the summer months!) they then put a camera in me and try and find out and eliminate the problem. The gyneay also said that she wanted to do Ovarian drilling making small holes in my ovaries to allow and easier and better flowing ovulation. What a nightmare! its a short operation and i'll be under anesthetic, i should be out by the evening - providing I act better to the anesthesia this time - I usually yack when I come round!. I'm also back at the hospital for blood and hormone tests on Friday and then after the op' I've got to have two weeks off uni - and because getting home is a 2 hour drive my mum is going to be living with me in my room at uni for a week. awkward! So big scary stuff for me in the next week! To give you a quick idea this is what will be happening ...

If anyone has PCOS or has had this kind of operation before any comments/help/guidance would be much appreciated! wish me luck ^__^

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