Friday, 27 January 2012

E.L.F Lipstick 'Ripe Rose'

This is the lipstick i ordered from E.L.F, In Ripe Rose, I quite like dark pink lipsticks, as they can brighten up an everyday outfit without being OTD or brighten a natural face of makeup, I also think it suits my tone of skin because of how fair I am and because I have darker hair. The packaging is sleek and professional and the lipstick itself is easy to hold and use. E.L.F describes it as 'A matte creamy deep pink' and i'd agree that the description is spot on, Infact i was surprised, its a very deep and consistent colour and glided on my lips and mosturised them without having a shiny or glittery sheen, something that such fierce colours often lack - you often end up with a chalky broken texture, but this was lovely, I can't pick up any specific scent from it but its lasted very well on my lips 2 hours and a bit and counting - this is with drinking with a straw. The description is spot on and the colour is lovely. 5/5 product for me - will be looking at investing in some more lipstick from E.L.F for sure!.


  1. This is such a lovely colour, I love how cheap elf products are but a lot of them are great quality aswell!


  2. I was amazed actually! they are brilliant arnt they! x

  3. That lip color is so lovely!

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