Monday, 2 January 2012


Does anyone have tips on how to grow your nails? i've always bitten mine and i really want to grow them long and square! Any products you guys would recommend? xx


  1. Hm, I used to be an avid nail-biter! But I just grew out of the habit... don't even know how or when! You can get nail varnishes from Boots and places like that, that make your nails taste really bad hahaha. They say it takes 28 days to break a habit!

    x Michelle |

  2. I know its a weird one but I've heard that putting your nails in milk once a week makes them get harder and less likely to break! Never tried it but may work. Also sally hansen nail hardeners are good to try.

  3. I reccomend just keeping them painted (with pretty nail polish) all the time which will hopefully convince you not to bite them. I did this years ago and although hard it did work! I've always got painted nails now!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon!

    The doll on fashion

  4. Thankyou very much girls! will try some of the products you recommended! xx