Friday, 27 January 2012

E.L.F Delivery!

Wednesday night i ordered some bits from E.L.F, And they've arrived already! Although I've read LOTS of reviews of E.L.F I've never actually been on there website and looked around, when I did on Wednesday night I was pleasantly suprised! I could'nt get over how cheap the products were! and some were even on sale, so i grabbed £11's worth. Heres my mini haul of products...

Nail Polish in 'Purple Pleaser' £1
Matte Finisher Clear Polish £1
Total Face Bronzing Brush £1.50
Over all Face Brush £1.50
Lipstick in 'Ripe Rose' £3.50

First thing i noticed was the high quality of the packaging - its sleek and professional and the black and white contrast almost reminds me of MAC products. I was in dire need of a new blusher brush as mine now malts all over my face ! my powder brush has also seen better days, I got some amazing MAC brushes from my boyfriend for Christmas, but the set I got did'nt come with a powder brush and the blusher brush is too taperd for my liking leaving with really defined highlight where as i like a more subtle glow. I'm going to review these products seperatley, I'm most excited about the Matte finisher, I've wanted one ever since the Chanel £18 one came out - and at an astonishing £1 its worth a go, however i won't be reviewing the polishes for abit as I have my surgery tuesday and I'm not allowed any nail varnish on!

What do you think of E.L.F? Are there any products you would recommend?

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