Monday, 30 January 2012

Photography assignment 2

Got to grips with my new assignment for photography today, creating 3 4 pages editorials for 3 different magazines.

Using Denim for one, casual wear and finally shoes.

I'm actually really looking forward to this assignments because its a little more directed - I dislike having too much freedom in a project. And i have to produce for images for each theme which are concentrating on styling, Its also got to be up to date and based on s/s '12 so i've got to go shopping to get some decent bits for my shoots, I've got to research history of denim a

nd stylists and photographers - I've even got to do model casting! I've already got some really good ideas brewing.

Just wish i did'nt have a 2000 word essay for design in context, and an 8 page lookbook and research file for design communication.

Time keeping is CRUCIAL right now, oh and its my operation tomorrow. gulp.
wish me luck!!

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  1. This sounds fun! Do you go to Solent university to? Would love to see some of your photography :)