Monday, 2 January 2012

012. Goals.

I honestly have had the best year this year, not only have i met some amazing people i finally got into a healthy and happy relationship - i went to V festival with my boyfriend and i finally saw Eminem, someone I've been waiting to see for around 10 years, I spent 11 days in Ibiza with my best friends i made it into university, i did underwear modelling, i was part of a team who once again got voted one of the best student unions in the UK - I Have been so very lucky. So i can only hope that 2012 brings me an equal amount of luck and joy because i don't think it would be physically possible to be very much better that 011. So that brings me to 2012 goals. I'm not one for resolutions as i know i probably won't keep them, and its not as much life changing goals, its more things i intend to do through the year to better myself and surroundings.

In the year 2012 I plan too.
> Find a student house for 9 people, move in and pay rent successfully every month
> Find a job - After handing out 40 CVs i'm sick to the back teeth of being jobless, i WILL find some kind of job no matter what the position may be
> Do something nice for mine and Chris's one year anniversary
> Hand in ALL work on time - so far so good
> Save - not only for Chris's 21st but for my own good!
> Get involved with the Solent s.u
> Pay or learn how to make my blogspot look attractive! its a nightmare right now.
> Break the habit of a life time and drop paint shop pro for Photoshop - i'm in composition of doing so right now
> Buy my mum a pair of Uggs for christmas 2012
> Make the gradual move from tumblr to blogspot
> Regularly blog on blogspot!
> Visit the place where my father passed away in Clevedon

I think this will be a good start!

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