Friday, 27 January 2012

PP: My life plan.

I think i have a pretty good idea what my overall ‘life plan’ is right now.
Most girls doing fashion with photography want to be photographers or work for Vogue, personally since I was around 13 I’ve always wanted to work for More! magazine, just out of personal preference and what I like and find inspiring. When applying for university I actually wanted to do something more Fashion PR based as public speaking, publicity and organisation combined with fashion is more my scene and where I think I would come into my own, alas I could’nt find that course, fortunatley the fashion industry is pretty good if you research/work hard and have a degree in some kind of fashion - just because mine is combined with photography does’nt mean that I have to persue a career in photography, I enjoy photography and learning about it so it was a sensible choice for me - after all I want to be doing something I enjoy everyday for the rest of my life. Solent is good at that one thing really - its giving me many perspectives on fashion and a broader knoweledge of the industry of it as a whole.

My whole life I’ve been constantly progressing I feel. I made alot of steps moving up. In a metaphorical way I see my life as ‘stairs’, Educationally and location wise I made the first big step leaving Sheppey to attend Canterbury college and then an even bigger one by going that much further to come here to Solent. So naturally I’ve come to enjoy seeing and moving in different areas and meeting new and different people. So my plan is to aim to finish uni with realistically a 2 1, I’ll aim for a first but I don’t think my intelligence would reach that level, During my 3rd year when I will feel that my knowledge is at novice standard I want to approach magazines and try and get any work experience possible to get my name in the game, finishing my 3rd year I will work 1 year in the UK getting as much UK based work experience as possible and saving as much as I can, my friend Aimee will finish a year after me, and in my 2nd year of being graduated I want to travel somewhere new - e.g out of England and get some international experience, to open my mind and hopefully advance my career. Do this for a year or two, return and get my dream job with More! and or styling, and then carry on climbing the ‘stairs’ this is as far as I’ve got, I want to reach a point in my life where I feel I’ve reached the top and I’m perfectly content with the majority of things going on in my life, I’m going to work hard because 1) I believe I deserve a good life 2) I have two extremely loving parents to make proud - and one to treat excessively and 3) I’ve never let hurdles stop me before - they won’t ever.

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