Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Miss Sporty 'Sparkle Touch'

I recently brought Miss Sporty 'Sparkle Touch' it was around £1.99 and is a dupe of a sparkly nail varnish by Rimmel for £3.99 which ive forgotten the name of sorry! I don't usually wear nail varnish unless its Barry M as its the only one that seems to last on my nails but after about 3 coats i built up some pretty good glitz with this, Its a very runny formula but the brush is really good and easy to apply! excuse the state of my nails i need a product that stops them from flaking after all the acrylics i used to have and to make them grow! the pink crackle on the ring finger is barry m by the way! This nailv arnish lasted around a week for me - bearing in mind i wash up and use my hands ALOT but its well worth a buy and the easy application makes it a good glittery essential 4/5 for me!

Is there any budget nail varnishes you'd recommend? i'd love to know ..

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  1. I LOVE glittery nail varnishes, I usually use Barry M as it lasts AGES! :)