Wednesday, 9 January 2013

13 Resolutions for 2013

2012 was a roller coaster year for me and everyone else and their nan, I'll be the first to admit I'm consistent in one thing - setting resolutions and breaking them, However 2012 made me a 'fighter' (in the words of Christina Aguilera) and I owe it to myself and my family for that matter to make this year count. So just like every other blogger, Below are some goals for myself that you may like a nosey through! Lists are a great way of getting through depression - so if your feeling low, setting the tiniest goals like 'doing my hair' can really make a difference through getting through everyday! 

1. Complete my dad's lifestory - My dad passed away in 2009, and part of his rehabilitation was to write his life story, unfortunately he never got to finish it, I plan to meet as many people who helped him as I can to thank them individually and in turn to learn more about my dad, and complete to the best of my ability what he left, right up to his last day.
2. Save, for no reason - Anyone who knows me will know just how awful I am when it comes to money. This year, I need to get out of debt and start saving - not for anything in particular, just so that I have some kind of savings behind me!
3. Get my final two tattoos - I currently have four tattoos, and I've got a further two planned. The second is going to cost alot of time, pain and money - and I'm setting myself the deadline of this year to get these and stop getting tattooed .. maybe.
4. Ebay the hoards of clothes in our spare room - Despite living in a student house I have managed to fill the spare bedroom of our house with washing and an abundance of clothes that I no longer wear - time to get rid and make some much needed cash!
5. Sign up to the Photoshop course - I'm lucky enough to go to a university that has alot of creative courses, and Solent offers a free Photoshop course, for the sake of my blog, career and future photography university work I NEED to get off my arse and do this course
6. Start filming more Youtube videos - And not just from my MAC, I have so many ideas for filming, I just need to do it!
7. Keep a blog schedule - I'm the worst for going long amounts of time without regular posts, its not an excuse when I love my blog so much and Blogger has a scheduling option! good bye free time - hello mass scheduled posts (this is one!)
8. Buy for quality not quantity - Again another guilty pleasure probably brought on from blogging, I'm forever buying things on a whim that get pushed to the back of my wardrobe or makeup drawer, time to start wanting and saving for things rather than buying a load of junk I don't need!
9. See my half brother more - I have a half brother from my dad who lives in Bristol, I have been out of contact for certain reasons, I feel ready to 'start building bridges' again now. I don't want to miss him growing up.
10. Learn to be happy by myself - Probably the biggest challenge of all, I need to stop depending on people and learn to be happy in my own company.
11. Complete second year of university
12. Find a summer internship - Crucial if I want a career in the fashion industry!
13. Continue to do visual merchandising with republic & more - I'm lucky to have a job which gives me so many opportunities. Aswell as merchandising and being an order in store guru I've recently started helping cashing up and I can't wait to do more within my store.

What are your resolutions this year?

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