Friday, 11 January 2013

LETS FACE IT. Hair history!

 I'd be the first to admit, I'm far from perfect. It just so happens that we are born with things we cannot change, and of course I am grateful I was born healthy and happy - but there are certain things about yourself that you will always dislike. Mine happens to be ... my face. I spent alot of my younger years getting bullied about how long my face was, and it just so happens that no matter what you do - you can't change the actual shape of your very own face :) .. HOWEVER. This isn't to say that there isn't things you can't do to enhance your facial features or shorten, slim or shape your face. WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE GIRLS! So, part of being brave I thought I'd let you all into a little 'hair history' if you will. It took me around 8 years to find a hair style that suited me and my long face, everyone's different and I'm sure with a little help from the local hairdresser, honest opinions from close friends and family and a little research you too can learn to make the best of your face :)

MY (rather opinionated) HAIR TIPS...
1) If you have dark eyebrows and a pale skintone STAY AWAY FROM BLONDE HAIR! Okay.. this is'nt true for everyone, BUT MAJORITY! I went blonde highlights? yep all fair and good, but then I went bright blonde .. and looked awful. PLUS the upkeep of blonde ontop of dark roots? lets hope you have the cash to back that up!
2) DON'T be afraid to ask for what you want.. One of the biggest mistakes I made when I had my pixie crop cut in was not being more specific about how short I wanted my longer side.. because I was too scared (I don't know why) and I ended up looking like a pre-pubescent boy .. not a good look. At the end of the day, that hair is on your head .. forever? (Unless you do a Britney) So don't be afraid to ask for EXACTLY what you want
3) Ask the hairdressers opinion .. Hairdressers are there to make you look good, and come back for further custom, if your going for something dramatic and new its best to ask a professional if it will look right before you dive in at the deep end!
4) KNOW YOUR FACE SHAPE .. literally type it in to google right now and learn it, I have a long oval shaped face - which means no long hair with middle partings for me!
5) Research celebrities with similar face shapes to you to see what look is current and will suit your face best , after all they can't get it that wrong surely?
6) RED HAIR TAKES ALOT OF UPKEEP be prepared for showers full of what looks like blood and ginger tips and brown roots - red hair is like a baby. it needs TLC
7) When going a new hair colour DON'T home dye it! go to a pro!
8) Your hair colour effects job prospects .. who's gonna want to employ a blue and green haired mermaid? great for tumblr.. not so great for your career.

So that's just my outlook really! This post sounds alot like how I talk in real life.. I hope you enjoyed my opinions and tips!

P.S I am not a professional in any way, shape or form!

Did this help you? Whats your hair history?


  1. wow, amazing hair transformations throughout the years, I love your hair now, I wish that hair style suited me 'cause it's really gorgeous <3

    1. Yeah I've done alot of things you could say! ah if your feeling brave go for it! thanks very much xx

  2. Love the montage you've done there showing your hair through the years!