Thursday, 17 January 2013

Percy & Reed : Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner review

I don't usually review shampoos and conditioners because I think its one of those products that everyone has their own favorites and most of them time you can do the same job weather your paying £4 or £1 for a bottle of the stuff.
The Brand...
Percy & Reed was a brand I had never heard of before so when these turned up in my stocking from Father Christmas this year I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging but I didn't have particularly high hopes for the products themselves. The brand was put together by two leading British hair stylists Paul Percival and Adam Reed who wanted to create a brand with a touch of British humor and a big focus on detail. Products often come in twos or a set which work together for a certain hair type or finish.
The Product...
I was gifted the 'splendidly silky moisturizing shampoo and conditioner' which have blueberry extract, sweet almond milk and pro vitamin B5 in to add strength and a leave hair with a glossy finish. Scent wise it reminds me of hand cream or chamomile lotion? Strange right! but its quite a fresh scent and I don't notice it throughout the day. 
Usage a week on...
I've been using this everyday for just over a week, and I have 100% noticed the difference in my hair. When using it on the first day I felt like it was knotting my hair in the shower, however a few days on my hair now goes silky as soon as I'm massaging my hair with these products and I've had comments about how healthy and shiny my hair is. After looking into this brand they actually have LOTS of alternatives and sell more than just shampoo and conditioner - be sure to check them out on Asos to see if they have something to cater to your hair needs!
As much as I love the finish this product gives and the beautiful packaging, £14/16 (depending on retailer) is ALOT to spend on shampoo and conditioner if you ask me! However, if you fancy a nice treat, giving a generous gift or you need a general moisture boost to your hair I would recommend this!
7/10 - Because of the price!

Have you tried Percy and Reed?

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