Saturday, 12 January 2013

Robyn Makes Things Illustration

I've been looking around for an illustration for my blog for a while now, and to be honest I'd given up hope. However on Saturday Ashley @ Ashllyd posted some beautiful illustrations of her and her boyfriend by an illustrator called Robyn, a nineteen year old first year graphic design student. I was shocked to have not heard of Robyn already and after scrolling through her blog I was IN LOVE with her style of drawing and decided to chance emailing her about perhaps designing me a header and a side profile picture-esque drawing ... Low and behold she replied. AND I AM AMAZED at what she created for me!

 Robyn replied really quickly was super polite. It was lovely to be created such a lovely personal drawings for my blog! I can't get over the quality and accuracy. If you are looking for an illustrator I'd 100% go to her, THANKYOU ROBYN! You can get in touch with Robyn via her blog here, and twitter here plus theres plenty more links on her blog.