Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Collection 2000: Colour Match Foundation review

Collection 2000 is a brand that I've always 'dabbled' with I suppose. I am an avid re purchaser of their skyscraper mascara and whenever I'm on a budget I often turn to their stand. Earlier in December I ran out of my trusty MAC studio fix foundation and finding myself extra tight on money I needed to search for a highstreet alternative.
The product
Colour Match foundation claims to have a 'unique skin tone technology that adapts to the skin's natural tone to help deliver a subtle, flawless look that lasts' which on first readings I thought was absolute rubbish, still when doing the rounds on the stands in Superdrug it was the lightest foundation I could find, and at £5.99 I decided to give it a go.
The packaging is really nice and sturdy for a drugstore product. I brought the shade '1 Ivory' I did actually notice the foundation change colour as I put it on my hand which surprised me greatly. Colour wise, its the lightest foundation I've found out of the likes of boots and Superdrug and although it wasn't a exact match I wasn't left with a horrendous orange line (Just a mild peach toned one!) It gave me a medium coverage and lasted the majority of the day - It also has an SPF of 20 which is always a bonus.
This foundation felt horrendously heavy on the skin, i literally felt like i was painting my face despite using my Real Techniques brush and buffing it in - it still felt so heavy, The smell of the liquid is awful too, I could smell it for a good couple of hours and it needed constant topping with powder to stop my skin looking so so oily! - This could be my combination skin though. Like every other person who has brought this foundation my pink pump cracked all down the front which means when you pump the foundation you get it all down the bottle.
The verdict
5/10 Despite the smell and constancy if I was desperate for a foundation that matched the colour of my skin fairly well I probably would re-use this - I'm not sure about a repurchase though!

What do you think of Collection 2000 foundation? 
Let me know!


  1. I was actually looking at this a while back, I'm so glad I didn't purchase it though, I hate the idea of a smelly foundation! Letdown!

    Abbi xo

  2. I got this foundation and I actually quite like this :) - i didnt find the smell that bad, especially after it was on, it was basically gone!